DORST Headquarters, Kochel am See

Technology Days / November 20–24, 2023

Unmatched Performance. Optimum Press-Drivetrain Architecture.

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More highlights to discover:

Netshape Pressing of Helical End Mills


  • Material savings 25%

  • Minimized machining

  • Compatible with standard presses


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SVZe - Helical Gear System

e-powered Pressing System for Helical Gears

  • Servo-electrical rotational motion
  • Closed-loop controlled
  • No mechanical pairing required
  • Perfect synchronization of upper punch
  • System for internal a/o external helical gears
  • Helix angle freely programmable


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Industry 4.0 + Digital Services

DORST IoT Solutions -
Shaping the Digital Future Now

  • Data Integration
  • Data Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual machine documentation


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FlexCell 16

Servo-motorized CNC powder press with full integrated part handling automation

Uncompromising precision powder press with integrated automation for the production of demanding pressed parts made of hard metal, technical ceramics, metal powders or other powder materials.

It´s your Choice:
Withdrawal Design or Ejection Design



Servo-motorized CNC multi-platen powder press for highest demands on productivity, parts quality and flexibility.

Uncompromising precision powder press for the production of challenging multi-layer compacts made of hard metals, technical ceramics, metal powders or other powder materials by using the withdrawal process.


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X-press: DORST cross-pressing system

Boost the Efficiency of your Production.

Thanks to the modular design and the flexible arrangement of up to six modules, the entire range of tasks or products can be covered with just one basic setup.


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TPA1600/3 HI

High-performance, hydraulic CNC powder press focused on the forming of batteries and fuel cell elements by pressing.

The press with an integrated, special die carrier is designed for maximum rigidity and strength for the special application.


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Spray Drying Technologies

Tailoring your solution with innovation and expertise

Spray drying of viscous suspensions combines efficient granulating by means of atomization with careful drying of the droplets in flight by means of a hot gas atmosphere. This procedure enables to produce precisely conditioned powder qualities and materials for most various requirements.


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