Hardmetal and Special Materials

Hardmetals and cermets are quite similar to technical ceramics in many ways. In fact, the production of carbide components follows a similar process chain as can be found in the field of high-performance ceramics. Therefore, it was the natural conclusion to extend our expertise for water-based spray drying of ceramic materials to hardmetals and cermets, thus providing the industry with a more cost-effective process for the preparation of powders.

There are substantial overlaps in the field of special materials such as precious metals, carbon, graphite, diamond and other abrasive materials. In our independent Hardmetals and Special Materials business unit, we focus primarily on the tooling industry by designing fully automated high-performance production systems for the manufacturing of indexable inserts, milling heads, drills and blades of all kinds. This sector makes indisputably the highest demands on machine accuracy, process control, ease of operation and economic efficiency.

For this reason, DORST TECHNOLOGIES has made it its mission to build the best and most flexible press systems, machines and equipment for the hardmetal industry. We offer a large portfolio of standardized precision powder presses, extrusion presses and isostatic presses for every kind of powder forming. Innovative side compaction modules and multi-platen technology as well as sophisticated tool systems complete our range of products and services for this sector.

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