Compact Analysis

Our knowledge and experience in tool technologies, machines, processes and materials are the basis for the successful analysis both of new products and of products that are already in production. By looking at all influencing factors in an integrative way, we help our customers identify the cause of manufacturing defects in the workpiece and make recommendations as to how to optimize their product.

Cost-effective and reliable production is the centerpiece of our component analysis services. We will therefore both analyze whether a workpiece is generally suited to a certain forming process and examine how to achieve maximum fault tolerance in a manufacturing process.

We will take account of all aspects and factors involved, ranging from the material used to the tool structure and process settings and, ultimately, to the machine most suitable for the task at hand including its peripherals.

Where it is necessary, we will "facilitate" workpieces and make adequate design suggestions on how to reduce the susceptibility of the product to defects and increase its production reliability. We will also provide assistance when a workpiece moves from prototype development to efficient serial production. In case of a change in procedure, we will advise you on the appropriate design of the component.

Our range of services for the optimization of components in terms of production technology includes:

  • Suggestions on the general tool structure
  • Tool designs
  • Product, process and tooling modifications
  • Choice of the appropriate machine
  • Process flows and flow charts
  • Assessment of achievable production figures
  • Estimate of energy and media consumption
  • Peripheral plant components such as powder management and automation systems
  • Material and pressing trials in a setting close to real production in our DORST TECHNOLOGY CENTER
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