Customized Pressing Trials

Gain experience in your individual task in cooperation with our experts from the sales and application departments in a customized trial session.

Proofing the feasibility of an application with a dedicated tool and original material is at the heart of our customized pressing and forming trials. Starting with the preparation phase and the choice of the appropriate machine, our experts from the sales and design departments and the technology center will be happy to assist you at any stage of the trial.

We develop pressing tools or pressure casting molds tailored to their specific use based on 3D models or drawings in-house. These tools or molds are designed according to the standards of a production tool, which makes them also capable of being used in the field later on. For existing customer tools, however, it is often enough to simply produce the appropriate clamping parts.

If necessary, it will be possible to supplement the customer-specific tooling upon request with further individual equipment such as adapted filling shoes, removal or gripper systems.

We welcome the personal presence of our customers in the technology center so that they can attend the individual trial in person along with our experts from the sales and application consulting departments.

The trials will be documented thoroughly from start to finish as will the results, with our scope of services being rounded off by a corresponding trial report including measured values, analyses, situation overviews and a final evaluation.

Close up press part in hands

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