Vacuum Extrusion Presses

DORST TECHNOLOGIES' vacuum extrusion presses are a reliable industry solution with decades of proven performance used for the continuous extrusion of profiles made of technical ceramics, hard metals or other plastified materials difficult to extrude.

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High-Efficiency Vacuum Extrusion Presses for all Kinds of Demands on continuous viscous Forming

Particular robustness, durability and wear resistance are the prominent features of our vacuum extrusion presses, which have been specially developed in terms of both machine design and technical engineering for the extrusion of heavy or very abrasive materials. The presses can be used almost universally, being able to be operated anywhere from horizontal to vertical position depending on the individual application. Key features include a central vacuum chamber for high material density and modern, frequency-controlled electric drives.

Another standard feature is the possibility of very precise sectional temperature control of the material run on both the feed side and the press side in order to achieve high-quality production results with high repeatability.

Changeable extrusion worms of various geometric shapes, cylindrical or conical designs and a whole range of useful additional equipment result in a high degree of flexibility and adaptation to the individual demands and requirements.

A modern, network-capable process control system is used for visualization, operation and the evaluation of all process data.


Honeycomb substrate SiC
Plastified technical ceramics
Vacuum Extrusion Presses Filter
Title Size pressing auger Type Orientation of augers Process
V10/3 100 mm Cylindrical Rectangular Continously
V10/3 100 mm Conical Rectangular Continously
V15/2 150 mm Cylindrical Rectangular Continously

A Range of Options for the Completion of your Vacuum Extrusion Press

Choosing from a large selection of extra equipment, you can upgrade and adapt your DORST vacuum extrusion presses effectively to your individual applications, specific product requirements or the material to be used.

We are happy to provide individual support in case of any questions regarding process control, tool systems and automation solutions.

  • Batch Analyzer
  • Temperature sensors
  • Material pressure sensors
  • Cooling and tempering devices

  • Cutting devices
  • Conveyor belts
  • Air bed channels
  • Material feed systems
  • Robots

  • Extrusion dies
  • Heated extrusion dies
  • Special solutions

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