Safety Checks

Safe operation of your machine free of any technical risks for your employees is of top priority and leaves no room for compromises.

Safety deficiencies of manufacturing plants can cause severe injuries. Thus, safety checks are a means to determine whether the machine is in a safe working condition in keeping with the state of the art.

If you, being the operator, are subject to the Industrial Safety Regulation, the EU Directive on Machinery or provisions and regulations of a similar kind, you are obligated to determine on a regular basis whether your machine is in a safe working condition. DORST TECHNOLOGIES will be happy to be of assistance to you, checking and assessing the complex existing protection and safety devices in an accurate and legally compliant manner.

Based on the machines' electrical engineering documentation available to us in our capacity as the manufacturer, our experts will examine the operational safety, possible safety hazards and the effectiveness of the safety measures taken so far. Once the examination successfully completed, your DORST press will receive our annual manufacturer's inspection sticker.

Our inspection report will contain records on detected deviations and recommendations for technical measures.

  • Early localization of hazards, minimization of risks
  • Prevention of accidents and damages, safety for your employees
  • Compliance with the regulations relating to the legally compliant use of your work equipment
  • Maintenance of benefit claims in the event of damage and avoidance of claims for damages
  • Competent check and evaluation of all safety devices carried out by DORST TECHNOLOGIES as the manufacturer
  • Transparency of costs owing to fixed inspection lump sums
  • Price advantage in combination with a service contract
  • Expert inspection report incl. measures for rectification
  • Inspection certificate incl. inspection sticker
  • Competent contact and partner for all safety-related questions
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We are glad to be of assistance with all your safety-related questions and matters.

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