Metal Powder

The Metal Powders business unit is your qualified address for all forming projects for Fe-based metal powder alloys, non-ferrous metal powders and soft magnetic metal powders.

Having two strong, regionally focused divisions for customers in Europe/USA and for China/Asia, we guarantee personalized support and customer responsiveness.

Our proven and recognized expertise in pressing metal powders into high-precision, virtually near-net-shape components using uniaxial pressing technology is the result of decades of technology development and intensive partnership-based cooperation with our customers in the automotive and mobility sectors.

Our wide range of highly standardized powder presses featuring pressing forces of up to 20'000 kN in single and multi-height versions set the benchmark in the industries. High-performance sizing presses for the finishing of sintered metal powder parts round off our product portfolio for this business unit.

Best profitability, best efficiency and highest reliability are at the heart of our ambition to build the best powder and sizing presses in the world.

metal powder

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