Technical Ceramics and Magnetic Materials

The field of technical ceramics and magnetic materials is characterized by a vast variety of materials and processes. Owing to the almost unlimited possible uses and applications of such materials, no other market is so intricately structured and highly specialized, which is why technical ceramics can be found in almost every industrial field and sector. A complex component geometry, however, is not always the heart of the matter. More often, it is the chemical-physical material properties themselves that are significant for the value-added chain.

Typical materials are aluminum oxides, steatites, cordierites, zirconium dioxides, silicon carbides, silicon nitrides, aluminum titanates and PZT ceramics. In addition to these, we focus on glasses, industrial clays, refractory ceramics and all other inorganic materials suitable for most various applications. Soft and hard ferrites, rare earths, battery materials and blends as well as composites of graphite and carbon complete the market segment.

For the forming of plastic, powder or suspension materials, DORST TECHNOLOGIES offers a broad range of uniaxial presses, isostatic presses, extrusion presses and pressure casting plants. Customized special solutions for specific applications or powder qualities that are difficult to process are not uncommon. For powder processing of technical ceramics from aqueous suspension, we offer spray drying from laboratory to production scale.

technical ceramics

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