Powder and Slip Analysis

Knowing and understanding the physical properties of the material used are the basis for a successful forming process. Thus, when it comes to material forming, we take a holistic approach, starting with the material itself.

In our DORST Technology Center, every forming or spray drying test is accompanied by a thorough analysis regarding the physical properties of the material in question. Our laboratory equipment, tailored to the practical requirements of both pressing powders and casting and spraying slips, enables us to carry out all necessary examinations.

Laboratory equipment (excerpt):

  • Malvern Mastersizer 3000E with wet and dry measuring cell
  • Keyence VHX digital microscope featuring magnification of up to 1000x
  • ZwickRoell universal testing machine Zwicki 2.5kN
  • HX204 Moisture Analyzer
  • Brookfield viscometer

Our expertise is primarily aimed at the kind of significant parameters of powders, granules, slips and plastic materials that will have a direct impact on forming by dry pressing, slip pressure casting, extrusion or processing by means of spray drying such as:

  • bulk density
  • residual moisture
  • grain size distribution
  • morphology
  • granulate flowability
  • viscosity
  • mechanical breaking strength
  • filtration properties for the formation of an article layer

Our skilled specialists can draw on a large database, which has been collected over the course of many years, enabling them to assess the suitability of powders, granules, casting slips and spraying suspensions for the corresponding process and for special part geometries and to make recommendations with regard to specific conditioning of the material on a case-by-case basis.

We provide our customers with comprehensive documentation of all material examinations made as part of our trials and test series.

Close up scientist at microscope

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