Technician with customer at the press

DORST Services and Technical Support

By choosing a product by DORST TECHNOLOGIES, you will always also choose a professional and reliable service partner.

Comprehensive Service and Consulting tailored to Your Needs – Global | Individual | Competent

Having six international service teams, we make sure that your presses and systems from DORST TECHNOLOGIES will always be safe, efficient and operational.

We will be your reliable partner throughout the entire life cycle of your investment, providing individual consulting, trainings, customer service and spare parts all along the way right up to a general overhaul that will give your machine a second productive life.

The high expectations you have of the quality and performance of a DORST production system are our motivation for first-class service and unparalleled customer focus.

We regard our customers as our partners, striking out together and forging new paths in a changing world.

Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Manuel Jentsch
Kochel am See, Germany