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Retrofit straight from the Manufacturer: Our Knowledge - Your Advantage

Being based on a robust and proven machine, combined with the know-how of the original manufacturer, our DORST Retrofit Center offers extensive possibilities to give your machine a second life cycle.

Reliability in the Second Life Cycle: Sustainable Machine Modernization

Customers from all over the world have always appreciated the precision and reliability of DORST TECHNOLOGIES' presses. Many of our presses are being used for decades and thus form the very basis of successful production sites.

Why Retrofit?

  • Increase in productivity due to a new mechanical system and reliable new machine components
  • Cost saving as compared to a new investment due to the continued use of expensive machine components
  • Continued use of existing foundations, peripheral equipment, tools etc.
  • No need for additional training and familiarization for your employees
  • Possibility to adapt the machine to the latest safety requirements up to CE conformity and integration of the machine into a modern Industry 4.0 production process
  • Flexible delivery times
  • The long life cycle our machines are known for is a strong sign for the sustainability of our products

Why DORST Retrofit?

  • Tolerances and production quality of a retrofitted DORST press are comparable to new machines of the same type
  • Our quality standard is bolstered by a corresponding warranty
  • The complete life cycle documentation of your machine from the very moment of its initial delivery guarantees an efficient after-sales service by DORST TECHNOLOGIES —Rest assured that your machine will continue to be in good hands once it has returned to service!
  • Being the manufacturer of your machine, we have the entire original design documentation at hand
  • All the parts we use are original spare parts, which will continue to be available even after decades
  • Individual and customer-specific demands regarding the design of your machine are possible at any time
  • Latest knowledge gained from our new machines will also be taken into account for retrofits
  • After having been retrofitted, every machine will receive a complete and adapted documentation

Our Range of Services

From repair to complete retrofitting including CE compliant safety technology, our DORST Retrofit Center covers all options available for the repair and modernization of your machine.

Outdated machine control systems often pose a problem due to the lack of available spare parts. Updating the control technology to the latest version of our new machines, both in terms of mechanical and hydraulic presses, is naturally possible for your existing machines, too.

Our modular multiplaten die sets are the heart of every hydraulic press. Just like any other mechanical component, these high-precision die sets, when being used in production for many years, will begin to show certain signs of wear.

The precision these die sets used to have when being delivered will thus be no longer guaranteed but it can be restored during a retrofit at DORST TECHNOLOGIES. A measurement report will document the quality of the work performed.

You are looking for a second-hand DORST press? We have a number of different second-hand machines in store on a permanent basis in our DORST Retrofit Center. In case your desired machine is not available, we will be happy to assist you in your search. Excellent connections to our customers can indeed be of great value in that case.


Together we will find the optimal DORST retrofit solution for you.

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An Example for Our Retrofit: DORST Automatic Press Type TPA50/2

The machine, dating back to the year 1985, received a complete overhaul in our DORST Retrofit Center while at the same time being modernized and tailored to the customer's individual demands:

  • general overhaul of the machine's entire mechanical system with the exclusive use of DORST original parts; the production accuracy achieved by the overhauled press is identical to the accuracy of a new machine of the same type
  • renewal of the electrical system and the machine's control system
  • retrofitting of a protective covering that meets CE conformity
  • overhaul of the machine safety according to the latest safety instructions
  • modernization of the machine's hydraulic and pneumatic systems

The machine's functionality has been significantly increased due to the retrofitting of

  • hydraulic core rod function
  • servo-controlled filler drive—user-programmable filler movement within the permissible displacement limits of the machine
  • special filling device for 2 different materials during one pressing cycle
  • die set with an additional, hydraulically controlled level for two-material filling
  • new hydraulic unit featuring the auxiliary functions "Core rod" and "Die set"

tailoring the machine in that way to the special demands of the customer.

By updating it to the latest state of the art and by using up-to-date components, a machine overhauled in our DORST Retrofit Center can keep on working in your production for many years to come.