Medical Technology

Our health is our most valuable asset. Every day, modern medical devices help doctors and hospitals with their diagnoses and treatment. Intelligent implants powered by compact high-performance batteries enable well-measured administration of medication, controlled cardiac impulses or telemetry data transfer.

Micropumps, filters and valves are used in dialysis and transfusions. High-tech X-ray, CT and MRI machines are of valuable assistance to the attending physicians by providing them with high-resolution images of the human body. Special lighting creates an atmosphere of safety and contributes to good sanitary conditions.

These days, artificial joint replacement for knees, hips, shoulders as well as artificial dental restauration with an aesthetic appearance has become commonplace. Yet, many of these applications would not be possible without powder materials and the use of technical ceramics, glasses, metals or polymers.

DORST TECHNOLOGIES' forming machines and systems thus make an important contribution to a healthier world in a highly demanding business environment.

Doctors operating in the operating room

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