Renewable Energy

Modern powder materials and sintered components made of these materials are of considerable importance in all current developments for sustainable energy generation and decarbonization technologies of our environment. The conversion of renewable energies into sustainable energy sources such as hydrogen or synthetic fuels will continue to require a large number of powder compacted components such as membranes, filter substrates, anodes, cathodes, but also pumps, nozzles, insulation, seals, gears and much more.

Components made of advanced ceramics, carbons and metal powders play key roles in solar, wind and hydroelectric facilities, in fuel cells, in biogas power plants and in the exploration of geothermal energy.

DORST TECHNOLOGIES is helping to build the future with its powder shaping machines and systems. We enable our customers to develop new business fields in this market and to create the change from fossil fuels to renewable energy generation and sustainable utilization.

wind turbines on a wide green area

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