DORST cross-pressing system: X-press

Excellent technology for near net-shape powder pressing

Boost the Efficiency of your Production by DORST X-press Modules

Thanks to the modular design and the flexible arrangement of up to six modules, the entire range of tasks or products can be covered with just one basic setup. The individual modules can be positioned around the die as required in just a few steps and swiveled out of the press center by up to ± 7.5°. Each X-press module is equipped with a precise load cell as well as a high-resolution linear position measuring system next to the tool locating surface, which enables to achieve a position control accuracy of ± 0.001 mm. Combined with a maximum pressing force of 80 kN per module and high travel speeds of up to 50 mm/s, it is possible to realize even extreme demands such as are made by closed-looped cross-pressing of large surfaces precisely and without fixed stops on tool side.

The unique and innovative drive kinematics of the X-press module supersede a spindle drive which avoids radial runout of the axis and guarrantees a completely linear movement across the entire stroke of the cross pressing module. Combined with the compact and rigid structure of the modules and the overall system, this results in reduced tool wear and thus reduced part-specific tool costs. In addition to that, the fact that there is no need for positive stops facilitates the design and production of the entire tool significantly, thus making it considerably more cost-effective.

Highlights single module

  • One module for all applications
    (cross hole, split/open Die, side compaction)
  • Closed loop controlled by position
  • Force surveillance

Highlights assembly

  • Unmatched space requirements and center proximity
  • Compact and rigid design
  • Flexible configuration
  • Variable 360° positioning
  • Variable off-center compaction
  • Quick set-up and tool change
  • Smart integrated porgramming and operation
  • Reduced tool costs
  • Modules can stay in press when not in operation

Technical data single module

  • Repeatability: ±0,001mm
  • Max. pressing force: 80kN
  • Max. speed: 50mm/sec

Technical data assembly

  • Swivelling angle: ±7.5°
  • Up to 6 modules
Side compaction
5 Modules
Split Die
4 Modules
Open Die
4 Modules
2 modules
Cross Forming
6 Modules

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