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DORST IoT Solutions - Shaping the Digital Future Now

With its own IoT division, DORST TECHNOLOGIES is a leader in digital solutions for the collection, provision and analysis of machine and process data.

From continuous data extraction to comprehensive analyses and forecasts, we offer our partners worldwide the possibility to keep an eye on their production in real time and independent of location and to identify problems at an early stage. In this way, we want to contribute to bringing your process stability, efficiency and thus competitiveness to a completely new level.

Be part of it and see what we can do together.

Engineering Know-How meets Data Intelligence

This motto sums up the new conception of DORST TECHNOLOGIES in the coming age of data. Over the past decades, DORST TECHNOLOGIES has built up an excellent reputation in several technology sectors as a competent manufacturer and partner in the field of special mechanical engineering. DORST products stand for quality, durability and innovation. With our highly skilled engineers, technicians and software developers, we have been able to develop machines for the global forming and shaping market that have made us a technology leader in the fields of sintered metal technology, technical ceramics, classical ceramics and hard metals. Now, our latest IoT activities expand our current DORST product portfolio by

  • DI – Data Integration
  • AI - Artificial Intelligence
  • DA - Data Analytics
  • PM - Predictive Maintenance
  • AR - Augmented Reality.

By combining these data-driven approaches with our existing engineering and technology know-how, we develop products that guarantee our customers maximum added value and qualify each of our DORST machines more than ever as a highly available production unit.

Our focus is on improving the OEE ratio (overall equipment effectiveness) by reducing unplanned machine downtime.

By systematically collecting data from the processes our machines are involved in, we are able to provide you as the operators of our DORST machines with valuable information on the process and the quality of the articles produced on said machines. Our IoT system has been designed in such a way that it can provide the maximum amount of information just by observing the processes—either in the form of interactive reports, as a download or with the possibility to forward the processed data to your MES system. The latter saves your IT staff the trouble of aggregating data in a consistent manner, with the data showing a quality and depth that even a data specialist cannot easily achieve. We pay special attention to the fact that the installation of the IoT system will not require any changes to existing controls.

With our Smart Maintenance, DORST TECHNOLOGIES offers operators a service that will support them in maintaining their machine. Owing to our sophisticated monitoring functions, our 1st level support will be able to alert your maintenance team to impending machine downtime in due time. In coordination with your specialists, we will take all measures necessary to keep your DORST machinery in a highly available condition at all times.

Dorst Technologies – an expert in data intelligence and technology know how – We are perfectly prepared to launch your digitization projects together with your team.

Herbert Gröbl
Kochel am See, Germany