Pressure Casting Systems

DORST TECHNOLOGIES is a pioneer and technology leader when it comes to the development of pressure casting plants for tableware and sanitary ware.

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Pressure Casting—for an Efficient and Flexible Shaping Process

Ceramic pressure casting enables the forming of tableware and sanitary ware articles close to their final shape, making it possible to produce even geometries with considerable demands on function and design in medium or large quantities and in a cost-efficient way without compromising quality.

DORST TECHNOLOGIES' mold and pressure casting technology, which has been refined over many years, allows our customers to follow the current market trends in a quick and flexible manner.

Pressure casting systems by DORST TECHNOLOGIES combine the requirements of the process with maximum reliability and field-tested usability to outstanding, economical production systems.

We offer our customers a differentiated portfolio of pressure casting systems suitable for a broad range of articles and applications.

Pressure Casting Systems Filter
Title Application Type Closing force Mold split Max. number of molds
COMPACTCAST CC300 Sanitary ware Single workspace 3000 kN 2-part 3
BDW100.11 Sanitary ware Battery plant 1000 kN 2-part 11
BDW120H2 Sanitary ware Battery plant 1200 kN 2-part 2
BDW120H4 Sanitary ware Battery plant 1200 kN 2-part 4
BDW120H6 Sanitary ware Battery plant 1200 kN 2-part 6
DG180 Sanitary ware Single workspace 1800 kN 2-part 2
DG180Z Sanitary ware Double workspace 1800 kN 2-part 2
DGM120 Tableware Single workspace 1200 kN 2-part 4
DGM120Z Tableware Double workspace 1200 kN 2-part 4
WCM60 Sanitary ware Single workspace 600 kN 4-part 1
WCM60/2 Sanitary ware Single workspace 600 kN 7-part 1
WRM60/2 Sanitary ware Single workspace 600 kN 2-part 1
WRM60/3 Sanitary ware Single workspace 600 kN 2-part 1
WRM60/4 Sanitary ware Single workspace 600 kN 2-part 1

A Range of Options for the Completion of your Pressure Casting Plant

Our scope of supply can be expanded by further services and equipment according to the customer's requirements, ranging from storing the ceramic casting slip in suitable tanks to depositing the cast and fettled parts on a conveyor belt, drying plates or setters.

Our products in the fields of material preparation, modeling, mold making and automation systems complement our pressure casting plant, making it an overall system of maximum productivity and availability. Quick and easy change of the pressure casting molds as well as perfect accessibility and operability when setting up the machine are the hallmarks of our pressure casting systems.

  • Slip tanks
  • Water reservoirs
  • Pumps
  • Heating systems
  • Stirring systems

  • Case molds
  • Pressure casting molds
  • CAD/CAM molds
  • Easyshell® mold technology

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  • Removal robots
  • Setters
  • Rack systems
  • Conveyor lines
  • Fettling tables
  • Turning stations

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