Our Expertise for Tableware and Sanitary Ware, Isostatic Tool Making and Mold Laboratory


Our DORST tool-making shop develops, designs and provides isostatic pressing tool systems for the ceramic tableware sector. Circular and non-circular plates, bowls, platters with or without festoon or reliefs, but also mugs with or without handle—these are all articles that can today, with appropriate tools, be produced economically by isostatic dry-pressing.

With our range of products and services, we are able to cover the entire value-added chain in our company, starting with digitization of the model and 3D design, continuing with the CAD/CAM process for the production of the metal and synthetic parts until finally producing first samples with customer granules on original presses. State-of-the-art CNC turning machines and a high-speed 5-axes milling center as well as multi-functional plastic molding machines stand for first-class quality, surface quality and much flexibility even when the pressure is on and time is short.

We always start with professional consulting and a critical evaluation of the project's feasibility on the part of our experienced tool designers. Once the sampling and delivery has been successfully completed, we will support our customers throughout the entire lifecycle, from commissioning at the customer's company to reliable supply of wear and spare parts right up to an overhaul of the tool.

We prefer to supply isostatic pressing tools according to the DORST System; however, we will certainly also consider inquiries regarding common systems of other manufacturers.

Our DORST MoldLab embodies the systemic approach of tackling the forming of tableware and sanitary ware articles by ceramic pressure casting from the basis of the tool form. For that, the perfect coordination of innovative pressure casting technology, slip conditioning, process control and machine engineering opens up new perspectives in terms of economic efficiency, flexibility, quality and defect-free parts ratio.

In our DORST MoldLab, we develop and produce ceramic pressure casting molds both in conventional design and according to the innovative DORST easyShell® system.

We produce customized pressure casting molds both by casting them from a master mold and by milling them using a CNC milling machine. Master molds, too, can be included in the CAD/CAM process and produced with maximum precision by means of 3D milling.

In our facilities in Kochel am See, which have been equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we feature latest machining equipment and devices for the processing of synthetic resin for optimum quality and reproducibility—mold by mold.

Model and Mould Development

Tool making

  • Isostatic pressing tools for flatware and bowls
  • Isostatic pressing tools for round and asymmetrical articles
  • Isostatic pressing tools for large tableware
  • Flashless tools
  • Isostatic pressing tools for mugs and cups with or without a handle
  • Special solutions for technical applications

Mold making – DORST MoldLab

  • Pressure casting molds for tableware
  • Pressure casting molds for sanitary ware
  • Pressure casting molds CompactCast easyShell®

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