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Engineering Services for Development, Planning and Production

More than 70 engineers, technicians and specialists from various disciplines are at our customers' service and ready to be of assistance, providing vast knowledge and a large portfolio of individual development and planning services that cover all aspects of powder forming.

Good to Know ... That Success can be developed.

Our expertise creates investment security.

Investing in a new production system or a new technology often requires precursory studies, simulations and technical analyses in order to be able to assess the risks and rewards of such a project in every respect. This is why we at DORST TECHNOLOGIES have made it our mission to assist our customers with questions of feasibility and general production problems due to forming issues, and help them convert their idea of an article into a mold, along with suitable approaches to solving these issues.

By engaging in constructive discussions with our customers, we strive to identify and eliminate as early as possible all critical factors that could have an adverse effect on the quality of the component or the stability of the process.

It is the aim of our integrated systematic approach to take account of all aspects, perspectives and general conditions involved to find the best possible solution. The material, the physical properties of the powder, the tooling, the process, the press and the appropriate automation solution all need to complement each other in the best of ways so to provide the customer with a reliable and fault-tolerant overall process of optimum economic efficiency.

Of course, we will also consider the production logistics available on site, the desired material flow and the digital integration into the production environment.

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Tailor-made solutions for every business

DORST Technologies supplies powder forming machinery and equipment to a wide variety of markets and applications. Each market and application are unique in its requirements and objectives. Our customers can rely on the assurance that with DORST TECHNOLOGIES they have a partner who dedicates time and expertise to their individual task, listens and, with many years of experience, can turn ideas into excellent solutions.