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Die Sets, Tools and Molds

The technological centerpiece of our forming processes are tool carriers and die sets (adaptors), axial and isostatic pressing tools as well as molds for ceramic pressure casting—all of them being tailored to the individual machine and process.

Drawing on many years of experience, patented technologies and innovation, our engineers and technicians will turn the idea for a product into an economical solution for your production.


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Die Sets, Tools and Molds

Die sets, tool carriers, tool clamping systems, pressing tools and casting molds for the perfect shaping process

Precise and reliable tool and mold systems are the absolute prerequisite for perfect results in everyday production.

By working with tool systems that have been tailored perfectly to the individual process, optimum utilization is assured every single day.

Yet, it is not only functionality and precision we focus on but also practical and ergonomic die set and tool changing systems.

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Die sets and tool carriers

Very precise and extremely rigid single and multi-platen die sets and tool carrier systems for closed-loop controlled and mechanical axial powder presses.

Versions of up to 4 closed-loop controlled upper and lower levels plus core rod, depending on the press type.

Possibility of customized special solutions.

Tools for axial powder presses

Single and multi-level pressing tools for axial powder presses in customized design suitable for metal powders, technical ceramics and hard metals.

For clamping of the tools, we use conventional methods, commercial quick-action clamping systems or individual solutions.

Isostatic pressing tools

Pressing tools for isostatic presses for tableware, technical ceramics and hard metals. Among our DORST tool systems, we have pressure resistant tool blocks and die sets as well as appropriate filling devices and accessories.

Pressure casting molds and case molds

Article-specific production molds, master molds and case molds for ceramic pressure casting on DORST plants for tableware and sanitary ware.

Versions for conventional battery or single-head plants as well as our DORST easyShell® forming system.

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  • Single-tool die sets
  • Closed-loop controlled multi-platen die sets
  • Modular tool carrier systems
  • Permanently integrated tool racks
  • Sizing die sets

  • Isostatic pressing tools
  • Die sets
  • Conventional pressure casting molds
  • Setters and trays

  • Isostatic high pressure tools
  • Extrusion dies
  • Conventional pressure casting molds for technical ceramics
  • Special solutions

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