Sizing Presses

Derived from our proven powder presses and featuring a high level of usability and familiar operator prompting, DORST TECHNOLOGIES' sizing presses have been designed to improve the surfaces and dimensional accuracy of the sintered part and increase its strength by means of cold reshaping after pressing and sintering.

Products at a glance

CNC Sizing Presses for maximum Precision and Quality

DORST TECHNOLOGIES' CNC sizing presses are characterized by extraordinary rigidity and stability, both aspects being prerequisites for maximum precision and productivity in daily use.

The machine design allows short set-up times in case of product changes, either by using interchangeable die sets or by carrying out the changes directly in the working area of the press. A convenient and intuitive on-screen control system will support the set-up man in his respective tasks.

A selection of integrated automation systems ranging from different system variants to modern robot solutions is available for a synchronized, time-accurate feeding of the sintered parts with the same being true for the removal of the sized parts after the finishing process. The high degree of flexibility regarding the design of the parts automation makes the additional forming process of sizing after sintering an attractive economical option.

DORST TECHNOLOGIES' machine portfolio comprises hydraulic CNC presses that feature pressing forces of 1,200 kN to 12,000 kN.

All machines are available in both single-level and multi-level design.

Sizing Presses Filter
Title Type Sizing force Methods Levels
DK120H Hydraulic 1200 kN Withdrawal/Ejection Multi-Platen
DK180H Hydraulic 1800 kN Withdrawal/Ejection Multi-Platen
DK250H Hydraulic 2500 kN Withdrawal/Ejection Multi-Platen
DK300H Hydraulic 3000 kN Withdrawal/Ejection Multi-Platen
DK500H Hydraulic 5000 kN Withdrawal/Ejection Multi-Platen
DK800H Hydraulic 8000 kN Withdrawal/Ejection Multi-Platen
DK1200H Hydraulic 12000 kN Withdrawal/Ejection Multi-Platen

A Range of Options for the Completion of your Sizing Press

We offer a wide range of automation solutions and other useful auxiliary functions for our sizing presses to turn them into complete sizing systems and sizing lines.

Fast loading of the press and precise alignment of the sintered parts are key factors for high cycle rates while special mechanical devices as well as highly adaptable robotized part identification systems provide maximum flexibility.

For oiling the sintered parts prior to the sizing process, various methods such as spraying, drip oiling and dip oiling are available.

Required chamfers or facets can be added to the part by using chamfering presses that are integrated into the process.

  • Chamfering presses
  • Oiling stations
  • Height measurement
  • Laser marking

  • Pilgering systems
  • Robot systems
  • Vision systems

  • Interchangeable die sets
  • Sizing tools

  • DORST IoT Solutions

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