Spray Drying Test

Investment confidence due to upstream process validation of powder preparation by spray drying gained by testing on a laboratory scale or on original production equipment up to a water evaporation capacity 200 kg.

Before or accompanying an investment, our DORST Technology Center provides our customers with the opportunity to carry out spray drying tests on three different spray drying systems of different sizes and equipment with their own suspension for drying or producing granules with good flow properties.

Permanently available spray drying systems with their respective water evaporation capacity as nominal size:

  • SMART Lab Atomizer, max. 5 kg H2O/h
  • D20, max. 20 kg H2O/h
  • D200, max. 200 kg H2O/h

A considerable range of peripheral equipment such as mixers, stirrers, feed tanks, pumps and sieves for suspension preparation are available for all systems. Before each test, our customers and our experts will discuss and determine the configuration of the plant, the test preparations, the test strategy and the execution of the test.

Depending on the plant, it is possible to use different nozzle systems, variants for recycling the cyclone fraction and cleaning strategies.

We will consistently characterize and document both the input materials and the dry material, completing the test procedure eventually by generating a comprehensive test report for reference purposes and by retaining samples.

technician working on smart lab atomizer

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