Virtual Maintenance Assistant

With our Virtual Maintenance Assistant, we enable you to use a QR code provided by our HMI-Visualization Panel or attached to your machine as an anchor point to place information, maintenance steps, instructions, warnings and checklists as well as all common types of documents and data virtually and freely at desired locations on your machine using augmented reality (AR) technology.

The content can be accessed, viewed and edited on your mobile devices of choice using a special viewer software (viewer app). After scanning the QR code, the user can move freely within a radius of about 10 meters around the QR code, view the virtual content from all sides and interact with it.

Various types of can be placed at the location or component of your machine where they are needed in practice by your maintenance experts.

Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance activities or tool setup procedures can be placed virtually as a scene for your experts via a sequence of steps. Work steps can be easily tracked, executed and documented in a comprehensible manner.

Your maintenance, servicing and operating personnel are provided with a virtual assistant that supports them efficiently in their daily work and simplifies and speeds up the execution of their tasks. Also training and familiarization with a new area of responsibility can be significantly reduced too.

Live content through Augmented Reality (AR):

1. Important information

2. List of spare parts installed

3. Pictures of maintenance points

4. Video-Clips of maintenance procedures

5. Step-by-Step maintenance sequence

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Increase your maintenance efficiency

  • Reduce maintenance times

  • Avoid mistakes and errors

  • On-the-job training

  • Visualized instructions

  • Access to the most important documents

  • Use of checklists


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