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Automation Systems

Intelligent automation of manufacturing processes is the key to higher productivity and better quality. Our individual and versatile automation solutions will raise your DORST machine to a production system of high efficiency and increased profitability.

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Boost the Efficiency of your Production System by using Automation Solutions

DORST TECHNOLOGIES integrates automation systems and accessories tailored to the individual press and forming process for a smooth material flow from feeding the powder to supplying the parts to the next process step.

Proven standard solutions right from the press manufacturer ensure that the automation system will fit in seamlessly with the pressing cycle in terms of both mechanical coupling and the logical and functional integration into your forming process. For that purpose, all interfaces between the systems are perfectly compatible.

User prompting for standard solutions is part of the visualization system of the press. In case a standard solution will not suffice, we will devise together with you an individual solution that will meet your specific requirements.

Needless to say that all integrated automation solutions for our powder presses will bear the CE marking.

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Part removal systems for axial powder presses and sizing presses

  • Gripper at the filling shoe—suitable for single and multi-cavity tools—for gripping and presenting pressed parts after demolding, the process being synchronized with the pressing cycle.
  • Pneumatic or servo-motorized linear axes with short Z stroke for easy point-to-point movement for removal of the parts.
  • Integrated robot systems for flexible part removal in all applications.
  • Standardized automation solutions for part removal including various accessories. Modular extensible design with the possibility to add balances, cleaning devices, depositing in patterns on sintering trays or plates.

Accessories for automation systems for axial powder presses

  • Semi or fully automated transport systems for self-propelled die sets on rails.
  • Independent simulation devices for moving die set levels when setting up the tool outside the press.
  • Set-up and turning device for the upper or lower part of a die set or tool carrier outside the press.
  • Die set parking stations.

Part removal systems for ceramic powder presses and pressure casting plants

  • 6-axis robot systems for powder presses for the removal of pressed articles with the possibility to add weighing systems and transport devices for articles.
  • 6-axis robot systems for pressure casting plants for the removal of tableware articles and for combining several plants to one production cell.

Individualized all-in-one systems and special systems

  • Individual automation solutions according to the customer's needs.
  • Realization of complete automation lines for powder forming and ceramic pressure casting.

A Range of Options for the Completion of your Automation System

  • Granulate conveyor
  • Dosing devices
  • Cutting devices
  • Chutes
  • Conveyor belts
  • Rotary tables
  • Article buffers

  • Weight measurement
  • Part height measurement
  • Parts labeling
  • Oiling systems
  • Part cleaning
  • Tool cleaning
  • Dust extraction

  • Parallel gripper
  • Multiple gripper
  • Vacuum suction devices
  • Special solutions

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