Spray Drying Campaigns

You are in need of pilot production or additional development capacities? Book our spray drying systems installed in our DORST Technology Center and thus expand your capacities in a flexible way.

If you are lacking the possibility or the capacities for drying or processing powders within your company, we will be at your disposal with our plants at DORST Technology Center.

For spraying campaigns of one to five working days in a row, you can book our plants for batchwise production based on daily rates. We will be happy to assist you in the spraying operation by providing skilled personnel, yet will certainly also let your specialists work freely under our instructions.

A detailed discussion of the objectives, plant parameterization, execution, safety and logistical handling will precede each spraying campaign. During the ongoing campaign, all process steps will be thoroughly documented and the progress will be monitored by means of regular sampling including reference specimens. Comparing the predefined target values to the actual values will ensure continuous quality control.

The process can optionally start with ready-milled dry raw material and a predefined recipe for the production of a slip capable of being atomized, yet it is also possible to process ready-made suspensions supplied by the customer.


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Developing a highly innovative product without any precendence we could have taken as a model, we received excellent leading support from the DORST Technology Center both in processing and in forming technology.
Together we broke some new technological grounds, solving the problems we faced in a very efficient and effective way.

Heinz Kessel
Managing Partner
FCT Systeme GmbH