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Spray drying | Axial pressing | Filling technology | Coil design | Inertization | Automation

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DORST TECHNOLOGIES is the competence partner for machines and equipment for the production of pressed and sintered parts from magnetic powder materials.

  • Spray dryers
  • Axial powder presses
  • Filling technology
  • Coil design & Magentization
  • Inertization
  • Automation

Magnetic Materials

We are offering powder shaping solutions for applications with and without magnetization for

  • Rare Earth Materials (Nd2Fe14B; SmCo5;Sm2Co17; AlNiCo)
  • Hard Ferrites (Fe2O3; Fe3O4)
  • Soft Ferrites (Fe2O3; Fe3O4)
  • Soft Magnetic Materials - SMC

Production Systems

We are supplying turnkey systems for powder preparation by spray drying and for press forming according to your specifications and requirements on a single-source basis.


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Director New Business Development
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