Model and Mold Development

DORST TECHNOLOGIES provides assistance in developing tableware and sanitary ware articles for industrial manufacturing by means of ceramic pressure casting in resin molds. Innovative mold technologies such as our DORST easyShell® system for sanitary ware, which is the only one of its kind in the world, open up new perspectives in terms of shape and design without requiring any sacrifices with regard to reliability and productivity.

Being a pioneer of the industrial molding of tableware and sanitary ware articles by means of ceramic pressure casting, DORST TECHNOLOGIES has been gaining vast and invaluable knowledge over many decades. This unique expertise is what we would like to share with our customers when developing models and molds, offering advice both in terms of taking over existing models based on traditional plaster molding and realizing new design ideas.

Depending on the individual requirements of the task at hand, we will draw on a proven network of partners that will support us at all stages of the process chain ranging from the manual work of a modeler to a fully digitized approach using 3D scanning and 3D CAD design.

As for the project's realization, we offer our customers both second casts from master molds and fully milled molds. Sample molds and case molds can also be delivered in milled form. Upon request, we complete all pressure casting molds in such a way that they will be ready for installation, equipping them with the required accessories such as frames, locks, setters or wedge pulling devices.

DORST TECHNOLOGIES will take good care of your product development, bringing together plant engineering, mold technology and ceramic material in an efficient and successful manner. We will also be happy to rise to the challenges presented to us by industrial applications in the fields of technical ceramics and quartz ceramics.


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