FEM Analysis

Benefit from the expertise of a renowned mechanical engineering company when it comes to designing components, subassemblies and plants by using the finite element method FEM.

Our FEM experts are well versed in both theory and practice, bringing in the new experience and vast background knowledge gained from hundreds of calculations and optimizations for their analyses.

We are happy to share this knowledge with our customers when it comes to designing their components.

Customer-specific performance specifications, which state all input variables, material data, load spectra and boundary conditions, are the basis for FEM calculations.

The scope of the commissioned services includes structural stress calculations and deformation simulations for

  • components and subassemblies in mechanical engineering
  • tools
  • hydraulic cylinders
  • tool carriers
  • screwed joints

For the design of the components' fatigue strength, we use the FKM Guideline issued by the German Forschungskuratorium Maschinenbau e.V. in its current version. Upon request, our experts will make suggestions as to alternative materials better suited to the application at hand.

One factor that must not be underestimated with regard to FEM calculations is the optimization of the components in terms of design or material depending on their individual application—something we like to do in close cooperation with our customers.

By way of documentation, we will provide a comprehensive calculation report.

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