Emblem and company building Dorst Technologies

The Dorst-Löcherer Foundation - Guarantee for Continuity and Successful Future

By establishing the foundation, the founders Manfred Dorst and Hubert Löcherer have paved the way for continuity and assumed responsibility for sustainable jobs and locations of DORST TECHNOLOGIES in the long term, possibly for generations to come.

Since April 1, 2019, DORST TECHNOLOGIES is wholly owned by the Dorst-Löcherer Foundation seated in Kochel am See. Founders are Manfred Dorst and Hubert Löcherer, who have managed and served the company for over 60 years at shareholder level and in key positions.

The foundation is the only shareholder of DORST TECHNOLOGIES GMBH & CO. KG with all its operations and branches in Germany and abroad.

It is a registered foundation with legal status.

The main purpose of the foundation is the promotion of art and culture, education, sports, nature protection and rescue organization support in the extended area of Kochel am See, the company's headquarters.

The respective foundation board of directors and the foundation board of trustees are committed to the statutes and execute the foundation's purpose to the best of their knowledge and belief, while the company assets placed in care of the foundation are of the highest value in terms of their earning capacity and lasting value.

The foundation fully reflects its economic situation in an independent accounting system. Administrative expenses are kept as low as possible. The foundation ensures full transparency in structural and economic information, especially with regard to the implementation of the foundation's purpose.

It is the declared wish of the founders that the executive committees of the foundation are always staffed with persons who understand the company DORST TECHNOLOGIES as an insider, or who are at least close to it. Managers and employees of DORST TECHNOLOGIES are aware of the founders' selfless commitment and their deep wish to ensure economic success in a working atmosphere of good cooperation, while observing ethical principles, but also enabling the foundation to meet its obligations in the spirit of the founders.

bronze plaque from founder Nicol Dorst