Isostatic Powder Presses

DORST TECHNOLOGIES' isostatic pressing systems are the established standard for the industrial production of ceramics and tableware used at home, in the catering and the care sector.

We also provide a broad range of universal or special isostatic presses for technical products made of high-performance ceramics, hard metals or special materials.


Products at a glance

Isostatic Powder Pressing - an Economical Shaping Process

Our isostatic powder presses enable fully automated shaping of ceramic tableware articles and technical functional and structural components close to their final shape, making it possible to produce even geometries and shapes with considerable demands on function and design in large quantities and in a cost-efficient way without compromising quality

The cold isostatic CIP pressing technique in elastic dies allows a homogeneous density distribution across the entire body, which helps to avoid distortions and cracking due to uneven shrinkage during sintering in large part.

One prominent aspect of all our dry isostatic pressing systems is the continuous, controlled automation of all process steps, the standard feature being the closed-loop controlled isostatic pressure curve.

A modern, network-capable process control system is used for visualization, operation and the evaluation of all process data.

Drawing on many years of experience in process control and in the development and the production of isostatic pressing tools and filling systems, we are today in a position to provide our customers with tailor-made systems both for stand-alone solutions and for entire production lines.

We offer turnkey solutions tailored to the specific application, starting with the granulate supply, the press and the tool system right up to automated post-processing.

Isostatic Powder Presses Filter
Title Application Max. pressure Closing force Toolsystem
PH200/2 Ceramics 300 bar 2000 kN 1-cavity
PHT200 Ceramics 300 bar 2000 kN 2-cavity
PH450 Ceramics 300 bar 4500 kN 1-cavity
GFZ2 Ceramics 300 bar 7000 kN 2-cavity
GFZ3 Ceramics 300 bar 7000 kN 3-cavity
IPM40 Technical Ceramics 2000 bar 400 kN 1-cavity
IPM50 Hardmetal
Technical Ceramics
2000 bar 500 kN 1-cavity
IPM60 Technical Ceramics 2300 bar 600 kN 1-cavity
PI60/4 Hardmetal
Special Materials
Technical Ceramics
2000 bar 600 kN 8-cavity

A Range of Options for the Completion of your Isostatic Powder Press

A large selection of extra equipment is available to upgrade DORST TECHNOLOGIES' isostatic pressing systems effectively and individually according to the respective application and the specific production requirements.

For isostatic tableware presses, we offer modular rotary table fettling machines and flexible robot fettling systems both for symmetrical and asymmetrical article geometries to complement your press.

For the automated removal, depositing and stacking of the articles as well as for conveying them to the next process step, we provide a wide range of robot systems and automation equipment.

Owing to our in-house tool-making shop and tool development, we are able to offer our customers comprehensive first-hand experience in tool making.

  • Rotary table fettling machine PMR2-R for round flatware and bowls
  • Rotary table fettling machine PMR2 for non-circular flatware and bowls
  • Robot fettling system RUP for non-circular large tableware, platters and asymmetrical bowls
  • Robot fettling system RPT1 for mugs, cups and bowls with a handle

  • Isostatic pressing tools for tableware, DORST system
  • Isostatic pressing tools for tableware, NETZSCH system
  • Die sets and conversion kits
  • Membranes and coatings
  • HP tool systems and tool inserts

  • Granulate conveyor systems
  • Centering devices for tableware presses
  • Stacking devices
  • Conveyor belts
  • Robot removal systems
  • Cleaning systems for HP tools
  • Balances
  • Blow-cleaning devices
  • Dust extraction systems

  • Laboratory spray drying plants
  • Spray drying plants for ceramic materials
  • Spray drying plants for technical ceramics
  • Spray drying plants for hard metals and cermets

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