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IoT Field Manager – the Easiest Access To Data in Production

Turn your production process into an inexhaustible source of valuable information relating to production, process quality and machine condition by using the DORST IoT Field Manager IFM. Benefit from the interconnection of machines and plants with existing ERP systems for even more added value in the digital present and future.

Experience Meets Digitization

Every press when being used generates a great number of data during every cycle, which—so far—has often not been used or not been understood in the specific context. A complete and ready-to-use package consisting of sensor technology, hardware and a powerful software suite enables to record all relevant data in real time during operation and to process it in a conclusive way, thus making every pressing cycle transparent and bit by bit understandable. By presenting the IoT Field Manager, DORST TECHNOLOGIES is the first powder press manufacturer to provide an integrated, all-in-one digitization solution for recording and evaluating data within the production environment.

The approach includes all relevant aspects of production:

  • Production data
  • Process data
  • Quality data
  • Machine data

These data sets can be allocated to the articles produced, thus creating transparency and traceability of an unprecedented level in production. The accompanying recording of specific machine data gives you an entirely new insight into your production and the availability of process materials.

The IoT Field Manager is a secure stand-alone platform consisting of hardware components and several software packages that can be extended on a modular basis to a comprehensive overall system according to the customer's wishes and needs.

It is possible to connect several machines and plants digitally through one IoT Field Manager and monitor them centrally by means of the intuitive visualization interface. Standardized interfaces enable to export data to higher-level systems and databases.

With the basic package already including regular individual service for security updates and bug fixes, data security and data sovereignty will always be guaranteed when using the IoT Field Manager from DORST TECHNOLOGIES.

Stay in the fast lane of digitization by using a software suite developed on the basis of the knowledge and experience of the manufacturer of the machine or plant.

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Our IoT Packages at a Glance

The IoT basic package, coming with the IoT Field Manager, already offers a wide range of functions and analysis options for the current production. A browser-based dashboard provides an overall look at all connected machines even from afar and at any time.

Focusing on the individual pressed part and the corresponding pressing cycle, this package records all relevant data including program changes, powder parameters and the corresponding curve chart. Intelligent analysis tools enable to select unusual cycles and to retrace every part.

Monthly production reports keep records of production outputs, scrap rates, failures and machine utilization. In addition, it is possible to monitor all connected machines by means of smart devices from everywhere and at any time across all company locations.

The IoT Package III raises communication between operator and manufacturer of the machine to an entirely new level. This joint view from two different angles opens up a new perception of the machine's condition, possible signs of wear and necessary maintenance measures.

The operator can draw on the manufacturer's expert knowledge so that a planned action based on collected data can replace reaction in the sense of predictive maintenance and service.

Many of DORST TECHNOLOGIES' machines and systems have already been equipped with sufficient sensors for digital data mining. Still, additional sensor packages, depending on the individual machine type, are available for an even more detailed insight into the process and the machine's condition through the IoT Field Manager. To prevent data acquisition from straining the control system of a connected machine, standalone data servers will be installed.


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