EP15X Servo-motorized CNC Axial Powder Press for Highest Demands on Productivity and Parts Quality

Highly dynamic axial powder press for the production of challenging compacts made of technical ceramics, metal powders, hard metals or other powder materials using the withdrawal process.

Our EP15X is equipped with an integrated backlash-free tool rack. For efficient setup and a quick product change, it is additionally possible to equip the press with precision positioning or quick-action tool clamping systems.

Featuring a larger frame and an even larger working area, the machine design enables an equipment with up to six closed-loop controlled servo-motorized transverse drives. These transverse drives, which can be used in a modular manner, expand the press' range of applications for the challenging 3D powder forming of

  • cross hole
  • side compaction
  • split die

Our DORST QPress modules are characterized by a compact installation space and high pressing force. A reliable and innovative high-performance eccentric gear makes sure that exactly the right force is applied at the right time. The either central or tangential installation orientation of the modules broadens the range of possibilities for modern 3D shaping in an unprecedented way. All transverse drives used are fully integrated into the control, programming and visualization system.

A modern and intuitive visualization system, our tried-and-tested Intelligent Program Generator IPG® and a state-of-the-art open and closed loop control technology leave nothing to be desired when it comes to operation, programming and quick process optimization. Possibility of expanding the standard pressing system individually by adding automation solutions and a wide range of additional functions.


  • High precision and productivity
  • Extended workspace
  • Very precise closed-loop position control
  • High-resolution closed-loop force control
  • Intuitive operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Installation at ground level without pit
  • Compatible with DORST IoT Solutions



Technical information


  • Backlash-free crosshead guide
  • Up to 6 servo-motorized closed-loop controlled transverse drives
  • Central or tangential orientation of the transverse drives
  • Servo-motorized closed-loop controlled core rod
  • Servo-motorized closed-loop controlled filler axis
  • Low maintenance
  • Installation at ground level
  • Ergonomic design


  • Highly dynamic axis drives
  • Precision force measurement
  • Precise closed-loop force control
  • Closed-loop controlled upper punch hold-down
  • Quick tool change
  • Intuitive programming and operation
  • Very low noise emission
  • Intelligent energy management system
  • Low carbon footprint
  • TCO optimized
Pressing force: 150 kN
Upper punch travel: 180 mm
Holding pressure of die: 100 kN
Withdrawal force of die: 100 kN
Filling height: 80 mm
Core rod travel: 100 mm
Positioning accuracy of main drives: ±0,001 mm

Side compaction module

Pressing force: 80 kN
Travel max.: 20 mm
Positioning accuracy: ±0,001 mm
  • Withdrawal process
  • Cross hole
  • Side compaction
  • Split die
  • Quick-action tool clamping systems
  • IPG® support
  • DTS - DORST Tool Setup
  • Automation systems
  • Network-compatible
  • DORST IoT Solutions

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