EP16 ULTRA digital Servo-motorized CNC Axial Powder Press for Highest Demands on Productivity and Parts Quality

Uncompromising precision powder press for the production of challenging compacts made of hard metals, technical ceramics, metal powders or other powder material in the withdrawal process.

All axis drives are located in the lower, encapsulated machine housing, which provides them with ideal protection from dust and contamination. The unique direct force transmission from the very rigid lower part of the machine to the upper pressing crosshead guided in the backlash-free frame meets even the highest demands on precision and concentricity along the entire pressing travel.

In its standard version, the press is equipped with high-resolution force measurement, which provides full control at every stage of the pressing cycle, especially when demolding very small or delicate compacts. In addition, the precise force measurement ensures accurate results during force-controlled pressing to constant density and automatic filling height adjustment.

The new CE press safety device meets all criteria defined for good ergonomics and legally required tightness against dust. Easy accessibility for powder and tool change, optional quick-action tool clamping systems and the referencing technology specially developed by DORST ensure quick product changes at all times.

A modern and intuitive visualization system, our tried-and-tested Intelligent Program Generator IPG® and a state-of-the-art open and closed loop control technology leave nothing to be desired when it comes to operation, programming and quick process optimization.


  • Maximum precision and productivity
  • Very precise closed-loop position control
  • High-resolution closed-loop force control
  • Intuitive operation
  • Encapsulated working area
  • Low energy consumption
  • Small footprint
  • Compatible with DORST IoT Solutions



Technical information


  • Backlash-free crosshead guide
  • Servo-motorized closed-loop controlled core rod
  • Servo-motorized closed-loop controlled filler axis
  • Low maintenance
  • Installation at ground level
  • Low overall height
  • Easy product change
  • Ergonomic design
  • Highly dynamic axis drives
  • Force-relieved frame
  • Precision force measurement
  • Precise closed-loop force control
  • Extremely sensitive closed-loop controlled upper punch hold-down
  • Quick tool change
  • Encapsulated working area
  • Intuitive programming and operation
  • Very low noise emission
  • Intelligent energy management system
  • Low carbon footprint
  • TCO optimized
  • Pressing force: 160 kN
  • Upper punch travel: 210 mm
  • Holding pressure of die: 80 kN
  • Withdrawal force of die: 80 kN
  • Filling height, withdrawal principle: 130 mm
  • Core rod travel: 130 mm
  • Positioning accuracy of main drives: ±0,001 mm
  • Withdrawal process
  • Quick-action tool clamping systems
  • Pneumatic release mechanism
  • Core rod rotary module
  • Lower punch rotary module
  • IPG® support
  • DTS - DORST Tool Setup
  • Automation systems
  • Multi-material filling technology
  • Network-compatible
  • DORST IoT Solutions

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