FLEXCELL16A Servo-motorized CNC axial powder press with fully integrated CNC automation for the highest demands on productivity and part quality

Uncompromising precision powder press with integrated automation for the production of demanding pressed parts made of hard metal, technical ceramics, metal powders or other powder materials by using the ejection process.

All axis drives of the press are located in the lower, encapsulated machine housing, ideally protected from dust and contamination.

The unique direct power transmission from the very rigid lower machine section to the upper press crosshead, which is guided backlash-free in the load-free frame, meets even the highest requirements for accuracy and concentricity over the entire press stroke.

The press is equipped as standard with high-resolution force measurement, which provides full control at every stage of the press cycle, especially when demolding micro or delicate pressed parts. The precise force measurement also ensures accurate results during force-controlled pressing to constant density and automatic filling height adjustment.

The new CE safety guard for press and automation fulfills all criteria for good ergonomics and the legally required dust tightness. Free accessibility for powder and tool change, optional quick-acting tool clamping systems and the specially developed referencing technology ensure a fast product change at any time.

The modern and intuitive visualization, the proven Intelligent Program Generator - IPG® and the most modern process control technology leave nothing to be desired in terms of operation, programming and fast process optimization.

The FLEXCELL is characterized by the perfectly implemented integration of the press and all automation components into a highly productive, flexible and convenient manufacturing cell that sets new standards for process stability and reproducibility even at high stroke rates.

For depositing pressed parts on sinter trays provided by the customer, alternatively different automation variants are available.

Variant a: Sinter tray positioning and sinter tray storage on indexed deposit table

Variant b:        Sinter tray positioning and sinter tray storage on double belt conveying system - optionally also with magazine trolley.

The high level of process reliability is achieved by programming all machine movements of automation and press in a central control system. A central HMI ensures maximum flexibility and maximum user-friendliness.

The system can be completed with additional quality assurance functions such as deburring, blow-off, punch cleaning, part weighing and sinter tray measurement according to customer requirements. A broad, part-specific selection of gripper systems (vacuum suction cups, jaw grippers, balloon grippers, single, multiple) and gripper kinematics (rotate, tilt, flip) is available.


  • Highest precision and productivity
  • High-precision position control
  • High resolution force control
  • Highly integrated press part automation
  • Intuitive operation
  • Central control and HMI for press and automation
  • Encapsulated workspace
  • Low energy consumption
  • Small footprint
  • Highest process reliability even at high stroke rates
  • Uninterrupted production even when sinter tray is changed
  • Compatible with DORST IoT Solutions



Technical information


  • Backlash-free crosshead guide
  • Servo-motorized closed-loop controlled core rod
  • Servo-motorized closed-loop controlled filler axis
  • Low maintenance
  • Installation at ground level
  • Low overall height
  • Easy product change
  • Ergonomic design
  • Highly integrated part automation
  • Highly dynamic CNC linear axis with direct drive in X direction
  • Highly dynamic CNC rotational axes with direct drive for Z direction
  • Highly dynamic axis drives
  • Force-relieved frame
  • Precision force measurement
  • Precise closed-loop force control
  • Extremely sensitive closed-loop controlled upper punch hold-down
  • Quick tool change
  • Encapsulated working area
  • Intuitive programming and operation via centralized control system and HMI
  • Interruption-free change of sintering trays
  • User-programmable deposit patterns
  • Very low noise emission
  • Intelligent energy management system
  • Low carbon footprint
  • TCO optimized
  • Pressing force: 160 kN
  • Upper punch travel: 210 mm
  • Holding pressure of die: 80 kN
  • Ejection force (alternative): 160 kN
  • Filling height, ejection process: 70 mm
  • Core rod travel: 130 mm
  • Positioning accuracy of main drives: ±0,001 mm
  • Positioning accuracy of automation axes: ±0,01 mm
  • Cyclic output with integrated part removal: up to 70 strokes/min
  • Ejection process
  • Quick-action tool clamping systems
  • Pneumatic release mechanism
  • Core rod rotary module
  • Lower punch rotary module
  • IPG® support
  • DTS - DORST Tool Setup
  • Multi-material filling technology
  • Network-compatible
  • DORST IoT Solutions
  • Standard gripper systems
  • Part deburring
  • Part cleaning by air jet
  • Part weighing
  • Storage trolley
  • Measuring of sintering trays
  • Sample parts belt
  • Punch cleaning

FlexCell16 - Pure Electric


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