TPA50/4S Mechanical axial powder press in high-speed version

Developed and refined systematically over decades and adapted consistently to ever new standards of modern-day industrial production, our TPA50/4S is a state-of-the-art press of highest reliability and performance. A wide range of accessories and equipment variants enables the customer to configure even a mechanical press according to his individual requirements.

Our 4th generation TPA50/4S is compatible with all mechanical DORST tool die sets of the previous models and the earlier machine types TPAn40 and TPA45.

The S version features a specially adapted curve characteristic and reduced travels. The significant increase in output thus achieved but also its high running smoothness and a well-balanced, gentle compression curve make this press a very attractive solution.

When it comes to machine setup and continuous process monitoring, the operator will be assisted by our latest network-capable DORST Press and Quality Controller (PQC) with graphical visualization system. In addition to programming and visualizing the pressing curves, the PQC offers a large range of other functions relating to tool protection, automatic filling height adjustment and production statistics. In its standard version, our TPA50/4S is equipped with a servo-motorized filler in conjunction with a latest-generation PQC, the dynamically controlled filler axis being integrated seamlessly into the mechanical constrained pressing sequence.

The servo-motorized filler combines the advantages of a freely programmable axis with the benefits of a mechanical press, making adjusting the filler characteristic and optimizing process times as easy as can be, even with a mechanical press. The servo-motorized filler is very wear-resistant and contributes significantly to increasing the performance of the press.


  • Reliable and robust
  • Maximum production output
  • Well-balanced compression curve
  • Compatible with tool die sets of previous series
  • Very good energy efficiency
  • Servo-motorized filler drive
  • Hydraulically controlled core rod
  • Press and Quality Controller PQC



Technical information


  • Compact design
  • Closed housing with oil bath
  • Die set removal to the front or to the rear
  • Short commissioning times
  • Easy maintenance
  • Tried-and-tested design featuring high rigidity
  • Maximum productivity
  • Smooth running
  • Easy operation
  • Servo filler
  • Pressing force: 500 kN
  • Upper punch stroke: 120 mm
  • Filling height: 70 mm
  • Core rod travel: 171 mm
  • Performance: 12 -50 strokes/min.
  • Open-loop controlled pressing sequence in withdrawal process
  • Interchangeable die sets
  • Press controller
  • Network-compatible
  • Automation systems

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