PI60/4 Multi-Purpose Isostatic Powder Press for the Production of Shafts, Axes, Tubes, Bushings, Pistons, Insulators, Nozzles, Spark Plug Bodies, Spheres etc.

Our fully automatic isostatic PI60/4 powder press is the second-generation version of our successful PI60/2, suited to the production of a vast number of structural and functional components made of technical ceramics, heavy metals or hard metals up to an isostatic pressing pressure of 2000 bar.

This press, precisely controlled in its main axes, closing cylinders and pressure intensifiers, is characterized by practical details as well as a high level of usability and reliability.

The pressing techniques of 'Ejection' and 'Extraction from above' are a standard feature while other pressing techniques depending on the tool are available as an option.

The pressed parts are usually removed by a robot or, if preferred by the customer, by simpler pneumatic axis systems.

For increasing its output by adding a pressing module of an identical type, the PI60 4 press equipped with a robot can be expanded to a flexible production cell, called TWIN CELL.


  • Multi-purpose isostatic powder press
  • Tool system up to 8 tool cavities (depending on the parts)
  • Closed-loop controlled isostatic pressure intensifier
  • Versions featuring the standard pressure stages 600, 1200, 2000 bar
  • Compatible with the tool system of its tried-and-tested predecessor PI60/2
  • Fully automatic part removal by robot
  • Capable of being expanded to modular production cell system TWIN CELL



Technical information


  • Improved tool change
  • Simple setting of dosing volume
  • Robot for parts removal
  • Fully automatic production
  • Flexible layout possibilities
  • Possibility to expand to production cell TWIN CELL
  • Network-compatible
  • Suitable for remote maintenance
  • Closed-loop controlled closing cylinder
  • Closed-loop controlled pressure build-up and reduction
  • Tools compatible with PI60/2
  • State-of-the-art visualization system featuring graphic support
  • Ultra-quiet hydraulic system
  • Pressing techniques 'Ejection' and 'Extraction from above' included as standard
  • Closing force: max. 600 kN
  • Isostatic pressure: max. 2000 bar
  • Safe pressing medium water emulsion: < 1000 ml
  • Isostatic tool system with up to 8 tool cavities
  • Noise emission of hydraulic system: < 70 dB(A)
  • Volumetric powder dosage
  • Gravimetric powder dosage
  • CIP procedure
  • Drybag dies
  • Pressing techniques 'Extraction from above'
  • Pressing technique 'Ejection'
  • Pressing technique 'Filling around the core rod'
  • Pressing technique 'Pin retraction'

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