PHT200 Isostatic Powder Press for Tableware

Our isostatic powder press PHT200 is used for the efficient forming of bowls and mugs made of ceramic granules (e.g. porcelain, hard porcelain, stoneware and bone china).

Closing force, hydraulic system and installation space of the press have been optimized for the production of mugs with our DORST tool system being suited to a wide variety of article shapes. The geometry of the article as well as reliefs, inscriptions and logos will be reproduced in a very precise way.

The system consists of two pressing heads, each of them operating one pressing tool in overlapping cycles.  A horizontal pressing cylinder closes off the two tool halves while the granules are being compacted isostatically. After the pressing process, a robot takes the article out of the pressing tool and passes it on to a fettling machine.


  • Precision and durability
  • Energy efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Flexibility



Technical information


  • Tool change crane (optional) for simple tool change
  • Sound insulation (optional) for improved occupational health and safety
  • Dust extraction (optional) for improved occupational health and safety
  • Service router (optional) for quick remote support provided by our DORST Customer Service Office
  • Strong closing cylinder with centered clamping platens and tool locating blocks for permanent precision;
  • Powerful vacuum and compressed air filling system (optional) for quick and safe filling of all kinds of article geometries
  • Closed-loop controlled pressure intensifier for the isostatic pressure (optional) including filling monitoring of the pressing tool (empty pressing/double pressing)
  • Field-tested usability

DORST tool system

  • Hydraulic pre-compaction of the granules.
  • Adjustment of the thickness of the article layer during operation
  • Long service life of the membranes
  • Easy tool change due to centered tool halves
  • Closing force: 2000 kN
  • Isostatic pressure: 300 bar

Pressing heads

  • Number: 2

Pressing tools

  • Number: 2 (1 tool per pressing head)

Maximum size of article (pressed, green)

  • Round mugs (diameter): max. 160 mm
  • Article height: max. 120 mm


  • Round mugs (depending on granular material and article shape): approx. 300 - 400 pcs/h
  • Non-circular mugs (depending on granular material and article shape): approx. 250 - 350 pcs/h

Fettling machines

  • can be combined with robot fettling systems RPT1 for circular and non-circular articles
  • Isostatic pressing of ceramic granules
  • Vacuum filling and filling of the pressing tools under compressed air
  • Filling monitoring of the pressing tools
  • Hydraulic pre-compaction of the pressing granules

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