IPM40 Isostatic Powder Press for Battery Tubes

Fully automatic isostatic powder press for the production of thin-walled tubes made of technical ceramics up to a pressing pressure of 2000 bar.

The press is especially suited to the production of ceramic solid-state electrolyte substrates for sodium-sulfur or sodium-nickel-chloride batteries (ZEBRA batteries).

For increasing its output by adding pressing modules of an identical type, a basic IPM40 pressing module equipped with a robot can be expanded to flexible production cells of up to four units.

The centralized robot, charged with removing the compacts, deals with all pressing modules in alternating sequence while the centralized hydraulic unit and electrical switch cabinet of the production cell open up space-saving layout possibilities best suited to the flow of the material.

Still, each pressing module has its own independent control and visualization system for individual settings and maximum flexibility.

The modular IPM press system is also perfectly suited to thin-walled tubular bodies and long thin rods.


  • Precise isostatic forming for thin-walled tubes
  • Special powder filling system tailored to the geometry of the part
  • Fully automatic part removal by robot
  • Modular production cell system
  • Efficient use of space due to centralized supply units



Technical information


  • Closed-loop controlled closing cylinder
  • Closed-loop controlled pressure build-up and reduction
  • Each module equipped with its own pressure intensifier
  • Demolding by 'Extraction from above'
  • Parts with flat bottoms possible
  • Individual control and visualization system for each module
  • Tool change during operation possible for each module
  • Basic module with centralized sub-assemblies
  • Possibility to expand to production cells
  • Robot for parts removal
  • Fully automatic production
  • Flexible layout possibilities
  • Network-compatible
  • Suitable for remote maintenance
  • Closing force: 400 kN
  • Isostatic pressure: max. 2000 bar
  • Safe pressing medium water emulsion: < 1000 ml
  • Isostatic monoblock tool
  • Length of part: up to max. 350 mm
  • Wall thickness of part: ≥ 1,2 mm
  • Volumetric powder dosage
  • Filling under vacuum
  • Process control by means of weighing
  • CIP procedure
  • Elastic dies with integrated sealing lip
  • Fully automatic tool cleaning systems

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