COMPACTCAST CC300 The easyshell® production process

Innovative pressure casting system for sanitaryware

The main application of the new COMPCTCAST CC300 production system is the manufacturing of washbasins, kitchen sinks, shower trays, squat toilets and wash basins from ceramic slurries (e.g., Vitreous China/VC and Fine Fire Clay/FFC) by pressure casting based on a completely new defined mold and machine technology.

The CC300 is designed for two-part, so-called easyshell® molds made of porous resin for core and hollow casting as an integrated system. Up to three such easyshell® molds, also with different articles, can be run simultaneously in one cycle. Easyshell® molds with up to four lateral insertion wedges are possible.

Individual mold loading and article removal in the horizontal direction with placement on setters or a conveyor line is performed by a robot.

The innovative COMPACTCAST production system opens up completely new technological design possibilities for sanitaryware in terms of ports, interior and design.

The innovative COMPACTCAST production system also offers maximum flexibility in production from batch size 1 through fast and cost-effective scalability.


  • 100% focused on product design and casting process
  • Flexible and economical from batch size 1
  • Unique DORST mold technology easyshell®
  • Minimized total cost of ownership
  • Energy efficient and silent
  • Extension to TWIN CELL production cells possible



Technical information



  • Removal by robot

Mold change

  • Fully automatic mold change incl. media connection by robot

Production cells

  • Combination of two plants to one production cell with centralized robot

Fettling and conveyor systems

  • Article-specific setters and turning trays
  • Fettling tables
  • Conveyor lines
  • Auxiliary transfer devices for transport between fettling tables and conveyor lines


  • Quick and simple mold change due to quick-action clamping system (optional)
  • Mold change crane (optional)
  • Pressure or path-controlled mode of operation for different mold systems

Energy efficiency

  • Closing pressure generation by means of air/oil pressure intensifier
  • Minimum energy consumption at the casting stage
  • Adjustment of closing pressure according to the slip pressure


  • Clearly structured process control with electronic variable programming system

Number of Pressure casting molds:  3

Closing pressure: max. 20 bar

Casting pressure: max. 19.5 bar

Mold block: max. 1575 x 860 x 400 mm

Output: approx. 4 – 6 cycles per hour

  • Sanitary pressure casting
  • Solid casting
  • Hollow casting
  • Porous resin molds
  • Closing force adjustment



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